Dall’amore per il design e per la tradizione artigianale italiana, nasce Simposio Design.

Dal nostro atelier milanese, offriamo in tutto il mondo soluzioni di design uniche.

Con un team di progettazione guidato dal designer Luca de Felice, disegniamo e realizziamo interni su misura esclusivi, unici e, al contempo, offriamo un supporto tecnico per la realizzazione nei progetti su commissione.

Il nostro network è composto da alcune delle più rappresentative aziende artigiane, leader dell’arredamento di interni di lusso made in italy.

Simposio Design è un luogo di incontro, uno spazio stimolante, dove la bellezza trova la sua forma concreta.

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«There is only one true luxury, and that’s one of human relations»

Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

How Simposio is born, or even better, how a Simposio can born! It’s a simple question, the answer of which could be long and complex, starting from the ancient Greek history till its current meaning. However, the question should be another: where does Simposio come from?

The way how I want to tell our story is focused on a concept: it’s not something generally speaking, but something of important because of people.

As a matter of fact, people do the difference, people carry out companies, people build cities, they plan strategies, they lead nations and they rule the fields.

Behind each company of Simposio we find people whose passion in their job is the reason of their life.

Those people that you will see around our table represent the Italian artisanal excellence. They’re not the only ones, of course. There are many excellent companies in Italy, a country with a lot of qualified raw materials, impeccable professionals, master craftsmen.

It took a long time, two thirds of my professional life, to find those companies that today are part of this team and the difference between them and all the others it’s always the same one: people.

Luca De Felice


Luca De Felice is founder and the artistic director of a new company, sited in Milan, called Simposio Design Srl. His competence in the field of luxury interior design is focused on a multidisciplinary education.

When he was very young he moved his first steps in contemporary art world, collaborating with the most important names of international contemporary art.

Then, he attends some training programs in architecture graphic design, and works on several important projects led by internationally renowned architects, such as Paolo Desideri (Tiburtina Station Project).

In the meantime, he keeps on studying and developing experience within the world of contemporary art.  This until 2002 when he obtained a scholarship to attend Howard Gilman Foundation of New York. This experience lasted two years.

After that, he came back to Italy, and focused all his knowledge on another kind of art, the craftmanship, becoming an expert of any sort of material.

Therefore, he became site manager and art director of an international interior design company: from 2001 till 2007 he worked all over the world for some of the most important projects of Design2000 International, living in Costa Azzurra, for the construction of 3 amazing houses on the cost, in Doha, for the Alfardhan Tower and other private properties, and realizing other projects in Angola, Vienna, London and Paris.

In 2007 he started leading the Decoration department of Exclusiva Design. In this company he was also involved into design processes, carrying forward important projects in Paris, Saint Moritz and Montecarlo. 

At this time, he also worked on some important projects in China, in Bejiin and Shanghai and in 2013 he participated as a foreign guest at the Design week in Guangzhou.

From 2017, as artistic director of Manodopera, in just 3 years he has realized a Spa, a Michelin star restaurant nearby Rome, a private villa of 2000 sqm in Rome, a project for a private apartment of 3000 sqm and one villa in Tenerife.

Once landed in Milan with Simposio Design, he starts writing a new page of his history.